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Screws for 19'' racks Rackstuds™

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Preces kods: RSL100 red
Screws for 19

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The original red Rackstuds are the most common and will accommodate around 80% of the racks in the market. They’ll work with vertical rails meeting the following specifications:

Vertical Rail Hole: 9.22 → 9.89mm (0.362″ > 0.389″)
Vertical Rail Thickness: ≤ 2.2mm/0.086″ (or 14 Gauge)


What are Rackstuds?

Rackstuds™ are the revolutionary replacement for cage nuts which are used to mount IT, Pro A/V, Security, and Telecommunications equipment in 19” racks.

Rackstuds make it much easier to mount your gear because they go in from the front and provide you with a place to support your equipment while you spin on the lock nut. This makes inserting and removing Rackstuds much quicker and assists with mounting even heavy equipment as it no longer needs to be balanced in one hand!

Rackstuds are much simpler, faster, safer and very strong.

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Screws for 19
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