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LanXPLORER Pro - Datu Tīklu testeris

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LanXPLORER Pro - Datu Tīklu testeris

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LanXPLORER Pro is a hand held tester for analysing and diagnosing problems in networks, cabling and Ethernet devices using copper, fibre and Wi-Fi interfaces.

Using the LanXPLORER Pro in-line and end point modes, IT Technicians can pinpoint issues that are unable to be found with management software as it physically connects to the point of interest instead of scanning the entire network.

LanXPLORER Pro does not examine the contents of the data being analysed therefore personal and confidential information will remain confidential.

Diagnostic reports can be saved in PDF format and shared with colleagues and clients using the free IDEAL AnyWare™ app and a mobile device.

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Technical description2.6 Mb

The LanXPLORER Pro includes all the features of the NaviTEK NT Pro and more – see below:

NaviTEK NT Pro

  • Display network configuration - IPv4 / IPv6 compatible
  • Wiremap for miswires, split pairs, opens and shorts
  • Distance to opens and shorts (TDR)
  • PoE/PoE+ detection and load test
  • Tone generator for cable tracing
  • Ping and Traceroute testing
  • Hub blink for port identification
  • DHCP client
  • Switch speed detection - 10/100/1000 Mb/s
  • User-exchangeable RJ45 inserts
  • Support for up to 12 wiremap remotes
  • Backlit colour screen
  • Autotest button performs a suite of network tests
  • Network Probe provides detailed port and network information of each device
  • Port identification using EDP/CDP/LLDP protocols
  • VLAN detection
  • Traffic utilisation bar graph
  • Generate test reports (PDF or CSV). Send test reports from your mobile device using the free IDEAL AnyWARE App
  • Fibre optic cable interface
  • Logon using the 802.1x protocol
  • Optical interface with power indication
  • Loopback mode for transmission testing

All features of the NaviTEK NT Pro as well as the following:

  • Monitor PoE power consumption in-line
  • NETMAP list all networks devices
  • NETVERIFY compare two NETMAP scans to identity changes on the network
  • In-line mode for Ethernet device troubleshooting (copper)
  • VoIP QoS and signal testing
  • Wi-Fi interface to access network
  • Wi-Fi site survey @2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
  • Top 10 bandwidth talkers and listenersDiscover IP address conflicts
  • Traffic statistics - network and devices
  • Touch screen

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