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Greenlee Omnimarķieris

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Greenlee Omnimarķieris

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    Passive markers are an essential tool for network asset management. They are buried alongside new networks as they are deployed or during maintenance work. Used for marking the network and its key points (connections, elbow, depth or direction change), they
have demonstrated their unique ability to precisely locate and identify the network location regardless of the type of the soil in which they are buried (earth, sand, concrete, etc.).

    Passive markers can be identified in the presence of power supply networks, metal pipes, grids and other passive markers, provided that the installation conditions are met. Red for electricity, blue for water, etc. these markers with several different colors and frequencies save
time, optimize human and material resources and help avoid costly maintenance errors.

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The passive marker uses a magnetic antenna. It consists of an inductive coil acting as an antenna and capacitance allowing the LC circuit to resonate at the precise working frequency. Tempo Communications markers are passive antennas with no power or active components. The marker derives its energy from the magnetic field of the detector.

Their housing is made of the same high-density polyethylene as the majority of buried plant, very robust, waterproof, and resistant to the action of chemicals and temperature hazards. The markers are interoperable since they operate on well-defined frequencies according to industry standards: 145.7 kHz for drinking water, 101.4 kHz for telecommunications, 83 kHz for gas, etc.

The markers are detected by induction (without contact, from above the surface). This non-intrusive technique makes it possible to locate all pipelines, regardless of their nature. This enhances the quality of any survey carried out before work; helping to reduce confusion and enhance safety.

By positioning them throughout the network and using complementary solutions (marker detector and GPS plus GIS database), they can be mapped, point by point, with GPS coordinates (X,Y) and the depth of the network (Z).

Technical Specification
SIZE: 4.0 inch diameter (100 mm) Min.
WEIGHT: 0.3 lb (0.15 kg)
SHIPPING WEIGHT: (5.2 kg per carton of 30)
RANGE: 5 feet typical (1.5 meters)
FIELD TYPE: Vertical dipole
PACKAGE MATERIAL: High-density polyethylene


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